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I’m Eva-Maria, a 30 year-old copywriter and editor from a small village between the city of Bonn and Cologne in Germany. I first came into contact with the English language and culture at the age of 5 when new neighbours from Ireland moved across the street and their daughter Janice and I became best friends. Later on, English was one of my favourite subjects at school and I had the possibility to participate in an exchange programme to South Carolina and to visit New York and Washington, D.C.

After I had finished school, I became a student of English and Medieval Studies at Bonn university where I got to know ‚the father of English literature‘: Geoffrey Chaucer.

After 5 years of work in 2 different ad agencies I’m currently working as an editor at the German Aerospace Center. Besides my studies and work I love to cook and bake and to try new recipies from all over the world. Furthermore, I like being creative and to travel.

Maybe you’re wondering about the blog’s name? ‚Queen and Cakes‘ is based on Queen Cakes, the sweet little cakes people eat at afternoon tea, and is related to my first English (or better Irish) recipe I ever tried. I got this recipe from our former Irish neighbour Mary and it was the starting point of my career as a hobby baker baker. Furthermore, the blog’s name reflects my interests in a perfect way: English culture and the passion for baking.

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